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Can artificial intelligence replace humans?

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If the noises around artificial intelligence (AI) can quickly rob people of work opportunities and technology will work better than the brain makes many individuals nervous, it's likely that they have Make mistakes, experts assert.

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Accordingly, AI is only performing the task of supporting human intelligence in many aspects and fields, from banks to the media.

According to Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and consulting company, AI now includes many software tools used for problem solving. Although some forms of AI may bring a sense of intelligence, it is not realistic to assert that artificial intelligence is equivalent to human intelligence.

“Some forms of Machine Learning (ML) - a category of artificial intelligence may have been inspired by the human brain, but they are hardly equivalent. For example, image recognition technology always produces more accurate results than people do, but it hardly works in solving a problem, ”said Alexander Linden, Vice President of Gartner. prefer.

In addition to the specific comments, Vice President Lindern also noted, the current rule is that AL is set to fulfill extremely well the task. However, as long as the conditions of that mission were changed, the AL would completely fail.

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In a related opinion, Mr. Olivier Klein - Director of AWS Asia Pacific's new technologies said that ML is absolutely not a replacement for humans, they only support improving the business. experience.

Every technology for artificial intelligence must be based on data, rules and all the information that people enter. Similar to humans, artificial intelligence is sometimes distorted in one way or another. There is currently no way to completely eliminate the bias, but experts are trying their best to minimize errors. Therefore, it is essential that all organizations now conduct a thorough review of the potential impact of AI on their development strategies.

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Most importantly, Director Olivier Klein asserts that people are truly intelligent individuals who can learn very quickly with only a small amount of information. This is something the ML models cannot do. Therefore, people need to realize the fact that machines are not made to make their own decisions. In addition, they can never automatically create emotions like humans.

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